Appstar Sweden

Appstar is a strategic communication partner.

We help our clients to initiate and maintain successful business and relationships through visual boundless digital communication. A visionary and solution-oriented partner who makes the difficult easy. We offer customized solutions from the perspective of our clients. Our customers are our driving force, giving and taking characterize our way of working. Appstar is characterized by: Surprising, involving, engaging, entertaining and single-minded.


  • Virtual worlds with showrooms, Theatre, Factory Tours, Academy
  • Architectural visualization
  • Visual sales apps. A powerful tool that makes sales work easy, fun and efficient.
  • Strategy and communication. We are a partner for consulting and designing plans to achieve business and communication goals.

Our working process

1. Startup meeting     2. Workshop     3. Cost estimate and timetable     4. Design     5. Development and testing     6. Testing focus groups     7. Launch


Key Account Manager

In the role of KAM for Appstar Sweden AB, you will be responsible for Appstar's customers and conduct exploration for new customers. You have an ability to enthuse and support the staff in the work performed and also include consultants when needed. You take responsibility for a budget and measuring results. The work will lead to a win-win for both the customer and Appstar. Good knowledge of English is a requirement.

You create customer satisfaction and loyalty and together with the customer develop and see opportunities in marketing through virtual worlds. You think strategically and see virtual worlds as a game changer in communication and brandbuilding.

Appstar's customers are primarily in the B2B manufacturing industry and service companies as well as in the education sector. But also B2C such as the real estate industry. Appstar's virtual worlds are developed in part based on Unreal Engine, which is the world's most open and advanced tool for creating 3D in real time. Appstar also uses Twin Motion where you can turn design data into visual experiences.

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Virtual Worlds

A driving force in communication
Exteriors: Images, videos, interactive.

Arcitectural Visualizations

Appstar Sweden specializes in creating fluid immersive architectural animations and highly realistic visualizations for planning and selling design projects.

We produce very high quality still and moving imagery. The speed of our rendering pipeline allows our clients to enjoy several versions of the design without breaking the budget. We also offer online sessions to make adjustments of surface materials, lighting, time of day, time of year in real-time.

Contact us

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